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Hop Lion Feather Works Pte Ltd - a fully owned subsidiary of Overseas Pacific International Holding Pte Ltd, was established in 1964 in Singapore and has since established a strong international presence. 
Forerunner in the Industry

Over the years, our customer base has expanded, encompassing leading establishments from the hospitality and retail industries, including hotels and specialty stores, bedding boutiques and hotel gift shops.  Our products are used by renowned establishments worldwide, which demand quality of the highest stands for their clientele. 

We emphasise strongly on technology and our research and development team of talents supports the large network of factories in our group of companies with their expertise and skills.  We are in touch with the most recent trends and tap on the latest know-how to consistently stay at the forefront of competition. 

Proudly Made in Singapore

Our feather mill has the production capabilities of sorting clusters of up to 95 percent and above, meeting even the Japanese Standards (JIS) for both quality and cleanliness.  Every article of our products is proudly constructed by our master craftsmen. This ensures that our customers rest only on the best guestroom products available. 

Upholding Service Excellence

As the leader in the industry, we understand how important a good night's rest is to your guests.  In recognition of this, we provide an unsurpassed level of service to each and every client.  

Our team of consultants is on hand every step of the way, advising you on the type of bedding products best suitable for your needs. Styles, sizes, quantity and filling material grades will be recommended and actual mockup samples of the products can be arranged as well. 

It is important to maintain the durability and lifespan of all bedding equipment and we provide consultancy and training on laundry and maintenance matters.  There is a two-year guarantee against manufacturing defects and a lifetime warranty for the filling materials*. Requests for replacements for pillows and duvets of any quantity will also be looked into immediately.

Besides working on the project budget and specification, we guarantee on time delivery, every time. No minimum order is required for any hotel projects and we take pride in supplying customised pillows and duvets for VIP guest at short notice, making their visit a memorable one and reinforcing their desire for a repeat visit at your hotel. 

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